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Chinook Multimedia has more than 15 years of experience providing professional writing and editing services for websites and e-learning sites to corporate, government, and not-for-profit clients across Canada. We write for the web, and we're good at it.

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Testimonial: Canada, Confederation to Present

Bob Hesketh... did the initial editing of all contributions for the usual concerns such as clarity of thesis statement and development, length, changing ambiguous terminology and references and ensuring the appropriate level for the intended audience. He did second and occasionally third edits of revised text. In all, he worked with about 150 authors and 1.75 million words of text. I was, at the time, and remain astonished at how well he completed this massive project. I have worked with many very talented editors at presses in Canada and elsewhere over the years and I can think of none who were better at their jobs than Bob Hesketh.

Dr. Rod Macleod
Chair, Editorial Board
Canada, Confederation to Present
Professor Emeritus of History and Classics
University of Alberta

Why selecting Chinook Multimedia for your content writing and editing needs is the right creative decision and the right business decision

Chinook Multimedia offers professional web writing and web editing services. Bob Hesketh, our CEO is a published author and editor. He directly provides or manages all web writing and web editing services. He has personally edited over 4 million words of website and e-Learning text.

  • We use only experienced, professional web writers and subject matter experts.
  • We are very experienced.
  • We are prompt.
  • We have worked with hundreds of subject matter experts in dozens of different fields.

Explore the following information to learn more about our web writing and editing services. Check out our web writing and web editing portfolio to view examples of our work.


Whether you need to verify facts or undertake research for original, unique web content, Chinook Multimedia can provide services tailored to meet your needs.

Our research experience and services encompass:

  • keyword research to discover the most popular terms people use to find the kind of products or services you offer
  • subject matter research and fact verification
  • competitor research, including keywords and AdWords
  • online and print sources
  • online and face-to-face interviews (extra charges may apply based on location)
  • online surveys.

Web Writing

Writing for the web is often the most challenging aspect of website development. We can help with that!

Chinook Multimedia provides professional website writing services:

  • we write for the web
  • we collaborate with subject matter experts
  • we write meta data to help with search engine rankings
  • we embed keyword rich phrases in natural language in your website content, title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.
  • we research and write blogs

Web Editing & Copyediting

Chinook Multimedia has the web editing training and experience to know what it is doing.

We don't just edit:

  • we enhance web text
  • we edit for target audiences
  • we clarify meaning
  • we reduce web text and switch to the active voice as needed
  • we copyedit web text using your own style guide or standard style guides for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

And, when needed, we transform the voices of multiple subject matter experts and reviewers into a single coherent voice. We are web content experts.

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