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Non-profit Camp Wohelo had a problem. Its website was down and the volunteer webmaster had moved on. Camp Wohelo's Google search for web design companies that build non-profit websites led straight to Chinook Multimedia. Could we help?

Camp Wohelo came to the right place. Chinook Multimedia specializes in helping non-profits build affordable non-profit websites.

Camp Wohelo, non-profit web design by Chinook Multimedia


Camp Wohelo

We at Camp Wohelo are very happy with how the website has turned out. Bob at Chinook Multimedia is very easy to work with and also very professional. He listened to what we wanted and explained what we needed.

He recommended several cost effective ways to have a very professional, nice looking and functioning website. Working with Bob Hesketh and his team at Chinook MultimediaI was a pleasure, and quite a learning experience!

We highly recommend them!

Camp Wohelo

Unfortunately, access to the server and Camp Wohelo's website left with the former volunteer webmaster. A new website proved to be the only alternative.

Cost was an immediate and unexpected issue for Camp Wohelo. But since Camp Wohelo needed a new website anyway, it decided to expand what the website could do. Danette Barner, a Camp Wohelo volunteer, explained the non-profit's needs. The website had to:

  • be more modern and attractive to its intended audiences—parents, children, and potential volunteers
  • provide information about each of its summer camps as well as its rental options and ways to volunteer
  • use online forms for contact and registration for each camp
  • invite guest blogs from campers and former campers who might be quite young
  • encourage online donations.

And the Camp was a non-profit and so its new non-profit website had to fit within a limited budget.

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Chinook Multimedia worked with Danette to provide specifications for each of the Camp's needs and to come up with solutions within the Camp's budget.

  • The online forms turned out to be long and complex.
  • The auto-responder when people registered for a camp had to provide a copy of the completed form as a PDF as well as various other PDFs—such as a welcome letter, packing list, map, and so on—depending on the camp selection.
  • The guest blog required password access. The client would provide the passwords to parents, volunteers, campers, and former campers.
  • And many of Camp Wohelo's photo assets were low resolution images.
  • Some ingenuity was required. We recommended building the website in WordPress because of its outstanding functionality, options, and support. We used a powerful WordPress theme that could help to cut the non-profit's web design costs. And we offered Camp Wohelo, a small non-profit, a generous non-profit web design discount.

    Chinook Multimedia and Danette communicated on almost a daily basis throughout the web design process. The Camp needed its website in a hurry so that it could accept registrations for its rapidly approaching summer camps.

    We understand Camp Wohelo is happy to finally have a professional website and that registrations are proceeding apace. Thanks for your kind testimonial and acknowledgement of our work in Camp Wohelo's first blog. We look forward to supporting Camp Wohelo's online initiatives in the coming years.


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