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Whether you are developing e-learning content or delivering effective online courses, Chinook Multimedia has the experience and know-how to provide any training and e-Learning help you may require.

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We also offer professional writing services.

Testimonial: Alberta Investigative Skills Program (ISEP)

From 2009 to 2012, I was the Provincial Coordinator of the Province of Alberta Investigative Skills Program (ISEP). ISEP is a blended learning program designed to deliver standardized police investigative training for police agencies operating within the Province of Alberta.
Chinook Multimedia initially became involved as a primary service provider for the development of many of our entry level on-line training modules. As our relationship grew, so did our trust in Chinook to provide an excellent product on time and on budget. Over time, Chinook became an integral part in the development of some of our more complex advanced specialized investigative training modules. We found the range of services offered by Chinook allowed us to fully engage Bob Hesketh and his team from concept to delivery of highly sought after on-line training modules, now being accessed by police officers across Canada.
Chinook did an excellent job of working with various police subject matter experts and curriculum designers, to evaluate our needs and follow up with a wide range of programming options from in-depth on-line scenarios, to quiz development and final exams designed to ensure that candidates mastered the course learning objectives.
Chinook also assisted in the use of embedded videos, voice overs and other media to enhance the learning experience. Their copyediting of storyboards for multiple modules brought about a professional and consistent language, used throughout our modules.
I highly recommend Chinook to others who require multimedia service as they really listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do.

Rick Gagnon
President, Landmark Introspective Group Ltd.

Why choosing Chinook Multimedia as your training and e-Learning developer is a smart decision

We began designing and developing training and e-Learning resources in 1997. We have delivered e-learning solutions to departments of education, non-profit organizations, and corporations, including educational publishers. We are experienced and creative. We have worked with a number of popular learning content management solutions and rapid development tools. We also provide planning, instructional design, graphic design, writing and editing, animation, voice-over, video,hosting, and maintenance services.

Find out more about our training and e-Learning services below. Check out our e-Learning portfolio to view examples of our work.


Planning may be the most crucial stage of training or e-Learning development. Whether you want to convert a paper-based training program to computer-based training, develop an entirely new web-based training program, or upgrade an existing program, Chinook Multimedia can provide any planning services you require.

We offer the following planning services to our training and e-Learning clients:

  • needs analysis
  • stakeholder interviews and surveys
  • learner engagement strategies
  • assessment requirements and strategies
  • technology solutions
  • development schedule and budget requirements
  • mockups.

We also offer expert storyboard analysis, writing, and editing services.

Graphic Design

Creative graphic design is often the first crucial step in learner engagement.

E-Learning developer Chinook Multimedia has more than 10 years of industry experience working with training and e-Learning clients across Canada. From Grade 2 Social Studies resources to Grade 10 Math modules, courses on cost estimating for construction project managers to ethics courses for police officers, we have created graphic designs that promote effective online learning for target audiences. Let us create the graphic design for your next training or e-Learning project.

Our process is straightforward. We make sure we understand your project's subject matter, purpose, intended audience, learning goals, and assessment practices. We design content that captures your branding and the subject matter, while engaging the target audience(s) and facilitating usability. We don't stop until you are fully satisfied.

Content Creation

You know your subject matter and your learners, but do you know how to create effective content that promotes online learning?

If you do need help, you can trust e-Learning developer Chinook Multimedia to provide all of your content creation needs, from writing, editing, and copyediting to voice overs, photography, motion graphics, and videography.

Writing & Editing

We have been working with national and international subject matter experts (SMEs) and professional authors since 1997.

Our professional writing and editorial services include:

  • writing for target audiences
  • collaborating with subject matter experts
  • fact checking
  • substantive (structural) editing—we have edited more than 4 million words of website and e-Learning content
  • working with client style guides or standard style guides
  • copyediting.

We always respect the integrity of an author's work. And we understand the importance of SMEs authenticating all content.

Motion Graphics, Audio, Video & Photography

From distinctive single content items to content development for an entire e-Learning website or training video, Chinook Multimedia can provide the creative services you need. As needed,we contract professional voice talents, photographers, motion graphic programmers, and videographers. We record audio in a professional sound studio.

In addition to our writing services, we offer the following content creation services

  • motion graphics
  • audio recording
  • voice talent
  • video
  • photography

Learning Management Systems

Do you need help selecting and implementing a learning management system solution that is right for your current and furture needs?

Rely on e-Learning developer Chinook Multimedia for your learning management system and programming requirements.

Our learning management system experience includes solutions like Joomla Course Creator, D2L, and Moodle. We work with tools like ProForm Rapid Intake eLearning Studio, Lectora, and Captivate.

We also provide writing, photography, professional voice overs, video, and motion graphics services.


Chinook Multimedia provides flexible, secure, 100% Canadian cloud-based hosting. Learn more about our hosting services.

Support & Maintenance

Chinook Multimedia tailors its support and maintenance services to suit the needs of each client.

Select the support services you require:

  • training
  • technology updates
  • content updates
  • new content creation
  • programming
  • Help Desk assistance.

Chinook Multimedia prides itself on providing quick, expert, and efficient support and maintenance services.Our typical response times are less than one hour.

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