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From $200 / Year

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Chinook Multimedia (est. 1997) offers affordable, secure, reliable, Canadian, cloud-based website hosting.

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Canadian Cloud-Based Hosting

We offer 4 website hosting plans and can customize to suit your needs.

Our flexible Canadian, cloud hosting solution features:

  • all data stored in Canada
  • network 99.99% uptime
  • scalable resource allocation (ram, disk space, IP addresses, bandwidth)
  • Raid10 and Raid50 disks

Edmonton Website Hosting Prices

Website Hosting Packages Price
Starter Hosting $250 / Year
Pro Hosting $600/ Year
Premium Hosting $800 / Year

You can compare options in our Edmonton Website Hosting Prices Comparison Table Then give us a call to talk over your unique requirements.


Diskspace & Bandwidth

All of our website hosting plans offer generous diskspace and bandwidth. Find the diskspace and bandwidth you need or ask us to customize a plan to suit your requirements.


We protect websites with multiple layers of redundancy:

  • daily backup of all content (10 days of backups retained)
  • scheduled backup of all files (4 weeks of backups retained but can customised to client requirements).

Remember, our hosting services are available to all of our web design and web support clients.


We take security seriously. Our standard website security measures include:

  • network/infrastructure firewalls
  • complete separation and isolation of virtual machine and the core operating systems
  • customer Privacy Module firewall security integrates anti-spoofing and anti-sniffing technology
  • virtual machine firewalls: configurable firewalls on each individual cloud server, including configurable IP options to accept or drop traffic from specified IPs.

Additional available security measures include:

  • subscribed third party monitoring of website against possible hacks; reporting of suspicious code and its location to facilitate quick removal
  • free malware cleanup
  • additional subscribed firewall protection (great for older version content management systems like legacy Joomla and WordPress websites).
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