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Chinook Multimedia created the learning management system and all of the content for the Nova Scotia Department of Education's innovative, online History 11 course.

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The project was challenging. The deadline was even more challenging. Creating an LMS from scratch is no easy proposition. We also had to create all content from scratch in collaboration with the Department. We began work in late April with the requirement that we launch the course to some 10,000 Nova Scotia students in September.

We launched the course on schedule. To our knowledge, it was first learning management system in the world to integrate Flash for the front end, MySQL for the back end, and PHP for scripting.

Currently, Nova Scotia students still use the course.

Testimonial: Nova Scotia Department of Education

The degree of success that ... [the] interactive skills labs had for teaching historical skills such as analysing artifacts, or photographs or maps is but one example of the online tools developed using the very new Adobe Flash. The fact that this site, is still active and being used by this course, is a testament to Bob and his team’s technical visioning combined with solid pedagogical understandings that stand the test of multiple years of public school instructional usage. Many teachers with other disciplines as their majors, have expressed gratitude for the skills labs as they provided a base professional development option for advancing their own skillsets as well as [those of] their students.

Wayne Hamilton
Senior Information Communications Technology Consultant
Learning Resources & Technology
Nova Scotia Dept. of Education

Acadian Flag Mi'kmaq Women


The content included 15 virtual laboratories in which students could learn the skills needed to analyzie, and experiment with, historical resources. The content also included 5 major unit activities, each rooted in real historical context, in which students could apply their skills:

  • as a researcher working for the Standing Committee on National Defence to develop a Decision Criteria Matrix to help determine Canada's response to a threatening (fictitious) international crisis
  • as a researcher working for a Royal Commission that is to determine whether the welfare state will be expanded or cut back
  • as a policy advisor for a political action movement that is considering becoming a full-fledged political party
  • as a researcher investigating the Francophone experience in Canada and the practical and reasonable limits that people face in seeking to protect and preserve their culture in a multicultural society
  • as an expert negotiator weighing the appropriate balanced between natural resource management and First Nations treaty rights.


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