Website Support Pricing in Edmonton, AB

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Pricing for Web Support in Edmonton, AB

Website support is about taking care of your website, including content and technology updates. 

How do you support your website? Chances are you pay for your internal staff costs and for support from a web design company or consultant.

How much does your website support cost now? Is there a better way? A way to save money?

What if you could pay one low cost to have it all done promptly and accurately by professionals. Just think. You could then focus on what you do best and spend less time and money updating your website. That's what Chinook Multimedia's Edmonton website support is all about: freeing you to do what you do best! 

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Do you need Web support? Try our quiz

Whether you do the work or you assign a staff member to it, you have to support your website. See how many of the questions in this simple quiz you answer as "true".

  • I love updating content on my website.
  • I understand exactly how to do it, and I’m good at it.
  • I can update content quickly, and I almost never make a mistake.
  • I know how to correct my mistakes.
  • I have lots of time to do it.
  • I never experience delays because I simply can’t get it done.
  • I understand how to optimize content for better search engine rankings.
  • I know how much time I spend updating my website content, and I know my costs are lower when I do the work myself.
  • I don't have extra costs because I have to ask my website developer for help.
  • I don't have other work that I could do that would benefit my business more.

The more statements you answer as “true”, the less you need our website support services. For small businesses, of course, working too many hours is often the clincher.

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