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Need a non-profit website? Second Sixties did. It was looking for a web design company that understands the needs of non-profit organizations and specializes in designing and developing non-profit websites. Second Sixties found what it needed when it contacted Chinook Multimedia.

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Testimonial: Second Sixties Outdoor Club

We found Chinook Multimedia via an Internet search for website development for non-profit organizations. We then approached Chinook Multimedia to discuss our project to rebuild the Club’s existing website. Noting that Chinook were willing to work with non-profit organizations, we were hopeful that Chinook would be able to deliver a quality website within our tight budget.
Bob was very understanding of our requirements and provided valuable advice and recommendations on content, photos and overall web design and a strategy to keep within our budget. He communicates clearly, is easy to understand and was keen to build on ongoing relationship with us.
We are based in Calgary so demos and training on maintenance were handled using webcams that worked out well. When the website was delivered for our review, we were delighted with the results and had only a few suggestions for minor changes. Bob and Vasily had translated our requirements into an attractive website that is easy to navigate.
Vasily delivered a training session on the use of Word Press and we are confident that we will be able to maintain the website ourselves. Bob and Vasily made it clear that we can contact them with any questions that arise.
We would recommend using Chinook Multimedia to anyone considering building a website.

Doug Harrison, Past President
Julie Jones, Webmaster
Second Sixties Outdoor Club

Second Sixties Outdoor Club

Second Sixties Outdoor Club is a very active, non-profit Calgary-based hiking club for 50+ outdoor enthusiasts. Club members and guests can participate in hikes in the spring and summer and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Favourite destinations include Kananaskis Country, Banff, Lake Louise, Kootenay, and Yoho National Parks. The Club charters buses for transportation to it activities.

Second Sixties had outgrown its original website. The Club's active Board of Directors knew what it wanted in a new website and that it had a limited budget to achieve its goals. In late 2016, Doug Harrison, the outgoing president of the Club, contacted Chinook Multimedia CEO Bob Hesketh to explain the club's needs and see if Chinook could help. Second Sixties wanted a new website that could:.

  • provide information and documents to Club members
  • inform members about its events
  • be easy for the Club's webmaster, Julie Jones, to update
  • allow for a members-only section that will be added later so members can access private Club documents and share experiences
  • help to attract new members.

Leveraging the website to market the Club to new members was a major consideration.

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The non-profit Club also needed to plan carefully to keep costs down. Bob worked with Doug to help identify practical steps the Club could take to reduce development costs:

  • use a WordPress theme that matches the Club's needs
  • make decisions before Chinook starts to build your website
  • have final content ready, including text, photos that are ready for processing, the Club logo, and the menu layout
  • have a single point of contact to reduce project management time
  • make decisions quickly so that development can proceed on schedule.

We recommended WordPress because it provides outstanding functionality, options, and support and has powerful themes that can dramatically cut web design costs. We also offered Second Sixties, a small non-profit, a generous non-profit web design discount.

The Club needed time to go through its old site and update its content, removing, revising, and writing new text as needed. The Club also had to sort through its photo assets for the new website. By March 2017, the Club was ready. The Club's webmaster, Julie Jones, worked directly with Bob during the construction of the non-profit website. Thanks to the Club's careful preparation, the construction of the website went quickly and the new website was launched on budget in April.

Our congratulations to Second Sixties Outdoor Club on its new website. We host the website and look forward to supporting the Club's online initiatives in the coming years.


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