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In 1997 Chinook Multimedia was a start-up company. Our primary focus was the creation of Canada, Confederation to Present, an innovative, interactive history of our nation targeted at a general audience and featuring the work of some 150 leading Canadian historians. We soon transitioned to web design and e-Learning .

Branding and Graphic Design Logo


Over the years our business grew and changed as we worked with new clients and developed new areas of specialization. Our old logo was less and less relevant to our current business, which includes web design and development, training and e-Learning, writing and editing, and branding and graphic design. It was time for a fresh start—but we didn't want to completely abandon our roots.

Not everything had changed. Since Chinook Multimedia's founding, the company has emphasized customer satisfaction, regardless of the location of the client, size of contract, or type of service. We have learned many lessons over the years and improved our performance. We wanted a new logo and tag line to better capture both the services we provide and the importance we attach to client satisfaction.

Fortunately, we have created branding for many clients. We could draw on our experience.The process doesn't change because you are your own client. Start by knowing what the client does, what the client is trying to say about its business, what the client values and likes. who the client's target audience is. We began designing. And redesigning.

You can see some of the rejected designs and the eventual winner in the gallery below.The logo we chose conveys some of the structure that is essential to providing value to clients. At the same time, the curved swoosh both recalls our earlier logo and suggests the creativity and organic design that are integral to our work. We then created separate logos for each of our primary service offerings: web design and development, training and e-Learning, writing and editing, and branding and graphic design services. Our tag line, Virtual Solutions | Tangible Results, signifies the measurable value we provide to our clients.


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